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"As we all know working within this facility poses many challenges, but the crew provided by Global Cable on this project demonstrated both the drive and patience necessary to see the project through. It’s been a pleasure working with everyone." Kelly Kent, DVAMC/IRMS

Our Services

Global Cable, Inc. provides a complete turn key implementation of all projects to include: cabling, moves, adds, changes, repair, engineering and project management.

  • Fluke OptiFiber OTDR 0F-500-MS35 (MM/SM) for characterization and troubleshooting mainframe multimode 62.5 µm and 50 µm, and singlemode launch fibers, includes 200x/400x inspection camera
  • Noyse Power Meter (MM/SM) to certify and troubleshoot multimode 62.5 µm and
    50 µm, and singlemode fibers
  • Fluke’s DTX-1800 for testing and certification of copper cable
  • Inside premise infrastructure and outside plant systems
  • Multiple kinds of environments, whether it's new construction, ongoing MAC infrastructure maintenance, or harsh and difficult terrain environments
  • OSP aerial and direct buried applications
  • All EIA/TIA telecommunications standards
ONTRAC Application

ONTRAC Application

Service Offerings

Registered Communications Distribution Designer: A Bicsi credentialed professional oversees all aspects of the job, including initial planning, mid-project, through project completion.

Copper Cabling Services: Installation, testing and certification of USOC, CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6A, & CAT6 & Coaxial cabling systems and plants for voice, video and data communications. Global Cable can expand your existing cabling infrastructure for new additions or users. Relocate your office or business to its new location. Bring on-line a new or expanded data center. Provide an assessment of current and future potential needs for future proofing your cabling plant, thus, reducing potential down-time and cabling costs in the future. Shielded & screened solutions available for noisy environments and high bandwidth applications.

Fiber Optic Cabling Services: Installation, testing, certification and troubleshooting of single-mode and multimode (62.5 & 50 micron) fiber optic cabling plants. Indoor and outside plant (burial or aerial) services for fiber optic cabling. Whether your organization needs to extend fiber optic cabling to another floor, upgrade the data center or bring on-line another building on your campus, Global Cable provides state of the art installation and testing services. Global Cable troubleshooting and diagnostic services provides customers the ability to identify faulty or marginal working fiber links. Global Cable typically provides fusion splicing (lower loss for higher performance) for fiber terminations. Our organization can provide installation and testing for every major manufacturer of fiber in the industry.

Ladder, Basket, Rack & Cabinet Systems: Installation and construction services for and to telecom closets, rooms and data centers. Wire basket tray (typically used for renovated locations) and ladder rack (typical new construction material) systems offer organizations a solution for every need and environment. If requested Global Cable will assist in evaluating manufacturers of 2 and 4 post racks, network and server cabinets. Effective racks and cabinets help facilitate proper equipment housing and cable management for efficient moves, adds and changes to your infrastructure.

Paging Systems Services: Global Cable offers organizations overhead paging solutions to meet customer requirements and local codes. Typical environments may be office facilities, manufacturing floors, warehouses, government locations, distribution centers, conference centers and classrooms. Typical manufacturers provided and serviced are Bogen, Valcom, Crown Audio and Atlas Sound.

VoiceArrest Sound MaskingVoiceArrest Sound Masking: Global Cable offers organizations the VoiceArrest Sound Masking System, which covers unwanted, distracting noises by adding a gentle background noise that is comparable to the whooshing of an HVAC unit. Most workers hardly notice it — they just notice being able to concentrate instead of head bobbing every time someone walks by or starts up a conversion. In addition, workers are more focused, better problem-solvers, less stressed, and more productive.